Aspire Nautilus GT Tank


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Aspire Nautilus GT Stainless Atomizer compatible with Nautilus BVC Coils

The collaboration between Aspire and Taifun combines classic design with striking performance, setting up a new era on the beloved Nautilus series.

Nautilus GT  powerful Mouth to Lung experience with excellent aroma performance and great steam production.

The Nautilus GT atomizer is designed by Taifun and it is compatible with Nautilus BVC Coils.  The whole look impresses with its classic style and ergonomic design.

Ideal for demanding vapers who want clean and intense taste with ease of use. It has 24mm diameter, 2ml Pyrex glass tank and Top-Fill refill system for easy and quick refilling.

Aspire designed an impressive Airflow System, maximizing the performance of Nautilus BVC resistors. The airflow is adjustable, giving the user the ability to adjust the airflow to the atomizer according to their needs. It has 5 different airflow holes at the base of the atomizer with a diameter of 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm and 2.5mm.

Compatible with coils:

  • Nautilus Coil BVC
  • Nautilus 2S 0.7ohm Mesh Coil
  • Nautilus 0.4ohm Coil
  • Nautilus 1.8ohm Salt Coil
  • Triton Mini Coil

Some of the features that make it stand out:

  • 5 different airflow settings
  • Compatible with Nautilus BVC coils
  • Unique structure which gives better performance with Nautilus coils
  • Top-Fill refilling system

It comes in 4 gorgeous colors: Black, Stainless, Rose Gold, Gunmetal


Diameter: 24mm

Height: 49mm

Tank capacity: 2ml – expandable in 4.2ml

Refilling system: Top-Fill

Drip Tip: 510

Compatible with coils: Nautilus Coil BVC, Nautilus 2S 0.7ohm Mesh Coil, Nautilus 0.4ohm Coil, Nautilus 1.8ohm Salt Coil, Triton Mini Coil

Package contents

1 Nautilus GT 2ml atomizer

1 glass tank

1 x Nautilus 2S 0.7ohm Mesh Coil (Installed)

1 x Nautilus BVC 1.6ohm Coil

Spare parts

User’s manual


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